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Helping Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

To develop practices that allow them to receive higher income

I want to increase my income

Clinic Experts has helped over 426 doctors and medical professionals and we have delivered over 1000 marketing and sales projects. Our team manages over $100,000 in advertising spend per month. But the statistic we are most proud of is the number of patients we have brought through our clients’ doors: 57,257 new patients, and we’re just getting started. Clinic Experts works with new and established medical businesses. We implement data-driven campaigns and fine-tuned sales strategies to attract and convert more leads. All of our services are designed to help you increase your patient closure rate and help more patients get the care they need.

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Our marketing solutions for doctor’s

HIPAA compliant and designed for your niche market

Clinic Experts results-oriented team has extensive experience in HIPAA compliance. We make sure that all of our marketing to physicians and other providers is not only compliant, but individually tailored to maximize unique opportunities in your niche No matter your specialty, our approach will take your marketing to the next level.

Primary Care
Plastic Surgery
Intravenous Therapy
Mental Health
Functional Medicine
Weight Loss

TMS and Neurofeedback
Hormonal Therapy
Erectile Dysfunction Therapy
Vein Treatment

Cosmetic Services
Body Sculpture
Chiropractic Care
Spinal Decompression
Knee Decompression
Laser Therapy

Joint Pain
General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Regenerative Medicine
PRP / Stem Cells
Hair Restoration
Much More…

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“Can Clinic Experts really offer me results for my clinic?”

Our team is highly versatile, flexible and adaptable. We keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing, platform algorithm changes, and healthcare marketing regulations to ensure you get the best results. When you work with Clinic Experts, you are acquiring a true partner who is committed to your success.

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